VIDEO: Graphic Scores #6-14

This video is taken from the May 12, 2015 performance of Graphic Scores #6-14. The performance took place at my alma mater, Schenectady High School during the 10th annual Composers’ Forum. The Forum was started by me and my friend Lecco Morris at the end of our junior year of high school—2006—because we’re both composers of classical music and there wasn’t a place for us to have our work performed. That first concert was organized solely by the two of us. We packed the Black Box Theatre at SHS, over 100 seats, and put on a 90+ minute concert. It was quite a success. Lecco and I graduated in 2007, and after that the Forum was taken over by a teacher, Dave Gleason, who, aside from being a teacher, is one of the best latin jazz pianists I’ve ever heard. This is the excerpt taken from the back of this year’s program:

The John Sayles School of Fine Arts Composers’ Forum was founded in 2006 by two Schenectady High School students, Justin Friello and Lecco Morris. They designed it as an expressive outlet for the many musical pieces composed each year by students. Since its inception, it has grown to include a variety of composers, performers, musical styles and types of compositions. It is now presented in conjunction with Schenectady High School’s Music Theory, Advanced Music Theory, and I.B. Music classes, where students study composition among other topics.

For the 10th year, Gleason wanted to bring back alumni to write and perform work alongside current SHS students. I also acted as alumni liaison, coordinating the program and communication between students and performers. Additionally, I, along with 7 other people, performed 9 of my Graphic Scores simultaneously. This performance was a continuation of a performance given of the simultaneous premieres of Graphic Scores #1-5 at the 2007 Composers’ Forum. This year’s performance was captured through cell phone video, and is presented to you here.

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