VIDEO: “The Wife”

I’m very excited to finally have in my possession the video footage from last year’s premiere performance of all the musical selections from “The Wife” (music by me, lyrics and book by Rocco Natale). The video was recorded at the Time Out New York Lounge on June 2, 2013 as part of [h]Our concert: new musical theatre selections by Bobbie Lee Crow III & Justin Friello, and features Kristie Wortman as The Wife, and Willem Oosthuysen on piano. What is not included are the book (also written by Rocco) and the musical interludes (for violin, viola, and 2 cellos) which underscore the monologues between songs. I do believe, despite the omission of interstitial material, that one will still fully understand the dramatic arc of the show, made easier by my own introduction at the beginning of the video.



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