Come in! Come in!


Hey! Nice to see you again. It’s been a while, I know. But this whole moving process took a while and I just wanted to have the place decorated before I started having guests over. So? What do you think? It’s nice, isn’t it? For Christ’s sake, take your shoes off, get comfy. A little dirt, who cares? The place is nothing crazy, you know, but it’s got everything I need. It’s simple and that’s a change for me. Oh, and I had just the nicest decorator come over and help me pick out the colors and some of the furniture. I really think he made the most of the layout. I think the biggest problem was that I had no place to put all of my scores. But now I can actually find what I’m looking for when I need it. Plus, I was able to get around to organizing my CDs and movies; they were another mess. You know, you think you don’t use those things anymore, you got an iPhone and Netflix, and it’s all wireless, but just to actually see the things lined up in front of you like this… Makes you take stock of times gone by and all the memories attached to each one. Of course, I had to show off my photographs. You know how proud I am of my photographs. Well, again, it’s nice to be reminded of all the places you’ve been, things you’ve done. Oh, oh, oh, come over here. Look at this. My own desk! I’ve always wanted a place to write. Last time I had my own desk was in college in that god awful dorm I was sharing with what’s-his-face. But now it’s mine! It’s just mine! Ah! I’m gushing, I know, but man, I’ll tell ya, it feels good. I’m so glad you dropped me a line. It’s nice to be able to entertain again. Oh gosh, enough about me. How’ve you been?

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