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The eighth work in 2014’s 100 Poems project. Text by E. E. Cummings.

The notation for the vocalist is simply a reproduction of the poem.

The notation for the ensemble features boxes representing durations of 10 seconds, and adjacent boxes representing events which occur during that duration.

From the performance notes:

Notes for the ensemble:

the ensemble may not include a vocalist

events are single sounds played by one member of the ensemble

events may overlap and/or begin simultaneously

events must begin and end within the same interval, and therefore can last a duration ≤ to 10″

each interval lasts 10″

time should be kept accurately by all performers

the piece has a duration of 4’10”

it must be decided prior to the performance which performers will create events in each interval and how many events each will create

the dynamic range of events can range from ppppp to p, and the attacks and decays of events may vary but must not falls outside of this dynamic range

For the speaker:

Text may be spoken at any moment betwen 0’00” and 4’10”; the text must be read in the order presented and the entire text must be spoken; the reading of the text must be given to each word; text should be spoken with a calm and plain tone; the dynamic range is p to mp; the pitch of the spoken text should be that of the speaker’s natural reading voice