as joe gould says



The performance note reads:

Woman, dressed like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny (in fact, if you could get Marisa Tomei, that’d be great), walks out on stage, adjusts the mic to her height on a straight stand (no boom), takes a few moments to do so, clears throat. The woman is clearly contemptuous. It’s like she’s testifying or giving a “talking head” interview, something like that. But she’s speaking right into “camera” (this piece may also be recorded and performed as a video installation or Youtube, etc.). As if she were finishing an anecdote:

The woman then reads the poem, making use of an exaggerated Long Island accent toward the end.

Woman pauses a moment, raises eyebrows quick, purses lips (“yeah right; hmph”), walks offstage the way she came.