because it’s Spring



No. 27 of 2015’s 100 Poems. A setting of because it’s, by E. E. Cummings.

The score reads:

Mass action/happening with as many people as possible featuring the following:

Pots & pans & kitchen utensils
Sports balls & whistles
Running (children?)
A motorcycle
Moving furniture
Waiters & waitresses
A blindingly bright spotlight from stage left
Alarm clocks
A one-piece-wearing, sunglassed 30-something just trying to enjoy the beach
Papers blown by fans!
A ladder taller than the proscenium arch

Male Speaker stands in the middle of the happening and reads/performs because its, featured on p. 782 of Complete Poems: 1904-1962. The Speaker need not have every word heard perfectly. The reading should be in the spirit of the piece: lively, animated, joyful.