from the cognoscenti of radaw leschin



No. 83 in the 100 Poems project.

A setting of the poem from the cognoscenti by E. E. Cummings.

Cummings was very interested in sound poetry. This text being one of such poems, I decided to take each word and place it in one of nine categories: real nouns, unreal nouns (neologisms), people, verbs, adjectives, unreal adjectives (neologisms), exclamations, conjunctions/prepositions, and adverbs. Each category of words has a unique motif attached to it, some sung, some spoken. These motifs are applied accordingly to the entire poem and are sung by the second male voice. The first and last lines of the poem (“from the cognoscenti//of radar leschin”) were set using the pitch-letter substitution method of composition. The thirteen pitches derived from this process form the basis of the pitch material used the first male voice’s part.

As a whole, the work sounds and is notated like Lucky’s Monologue. from the cognoscenti of radaw leschin‘s compositional method is similar to Lucky’s Monologue as well, though the former’s text is categorized using grammatical structures, while the latter’s is categorized by theme.