or who and who)



No. 91 in the 100 Poems project.

A setting of the eponymous poem by E. E. Cummings.

Duration: 1452 days.

The poem is broken into seven sections of text, the shortest being four words, the longest being twelve. During the 1452-day duration of the piece, seven performances are held (at the same hour each day): on Day 1, Day 213, Day 296, Day 450, Day 817, Day 1176, and Day 1452. Each performance features a single section of text. No other works are to be performed during these performances, as each event must be isolated.

Each performance features either both performers, the male performer, or the female performer. The breakdown:

Day 1: Male and Female
Day 213: Male
Day 296: Female
Day 450: Male and Female
Day 817: Female
Day 1176: Male
Day 1452: Male and Female

On days when only one performer is singing, the other performer must not be present.

Dedicated to Cecelia Gray.