Ten Minutes In Cecelia’s Bedroom



This piece is written as a recreation of a recording made in the bedroom of Cecelia Gray in Rotterdam, NY. The eight percussionists perform a variety of actions and play recordings to imitate, as closely as possible, the soundscape of the room and sounds heard in- and outside of it.

Percussion I: Oscillating Fan, Plastic Bag, Textbook, Body Movements

Percussion II: Footsteps, Paper and Pencil, Notebook

Percussion III: Wooden box of supplies: small paint tube and misc. pencils and art supplies

Percussion IV (offstage): Recording of Crickets and Spring Peepers, Recording of Wind

Percussion V (offstage): Recording of nighttime highway traffic

Percussion VI (offstage): Silverware

Percussion VII (offstage): Footsteps

Percussion VIII (offstage): Pots, Garbage in Bag in Garbage Can, Drawer, Plastic Container, Door