The Wife



music by Justin Friello
lyrics by Rocco Natale

Written and workshopped at BMI’s Musical Theatre Workshop, The Wife is a ten-minute musical for solo actress.

The show begins with the Wife (the character is not given a name) telling about “The Story So Far,” how she came to this point in her life: she’s married, has two children. We soon learn that she’s had an affair. Nothing serious, she only saw him a few times. But now she’s pregnant. The question is: will she keep the child? Does she tell her husband she’s pregnant with another man’s child? Does she tell him about the affair at all? This is the Wife’s struggle over the course of this short musical. In the end, she chooses to tell her husband that the child is his, never revealing the affair.

The orchestration of this show is quite interesting. The piano accompanies the Wife during her songs whereas the other instruments play short musical interludes (often aleatoric) between numbers, as underscoring for the monologues.

The music from the show was itself premiered at the Time Out New York Lounge, in New York City, just a day before the full workshop performance, as part of [h]Our concert: new musical theatre selections by Bobbie Lee Crow III & Justin Friello, alongside two other musical theatre songs by me from Freud & Dora, an original full-length original musical currently in development.

In the workshop production of The Wife, the title role was played by Kristie Wortman.